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Credentials and athletic achievements

This page is to show you that I am not a fitness influencer, but I am the real deal!

▪️ I was elected "the best Personal Trainer for men in NYC" two years in a row, and I have coached over 380 clients since I arrived in the US in 2015.

▪️ I am a 2 time National Champion of France in the Decathlon (Track & Field), I was a world class athlete, international medalist, and Olympic hopeful.

▪️ I have a national level in Powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting.

▪️ I train Mixed Martial Arts and spar with professional fighters and sometimes kick their a** (as you can see in the video below).

▪️ I also have Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Exercise Science.

No other trainer in the country

can achieve these performances!

Final page:

Clients transformation and reviews


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