Intermittent fasting


The goal of intermittent fasting is to give a break to your digestive system (stomach, intestine, colon,...).


16 hours no food (only water)


For example, you can eat only between 12 pm and 8 pm.

Here are all the scientifically proven benefits of intermittent fasting:

-Puts you at a calorie deficit, as long as you do not overeat once you break your fast.

-Reduces inflammation and bloating in your guts/belly.

-Immunity goes up.

-Improves cardiovascular health.

-Reduces cancer risks.

-Illnesses decrease.

-Higher focus and cognitive ability.

-Growth hormone is released, which slows down the aging process.

-Gives you much more energy each day, and will prevent you from having those sluggish days.


My client's results

have truly noticed the benefits of intermittent fasting on my clients and my own health.

I have helped many men in their 40s/50s, with a big belly, I call it "the pregnant man belly".


They eat too often during the day, and they eat too much quantity during each sitting. Their digestive system only catches a break when they sleep, and their guts have expanded beyond normal due to overeating and inflammation.

Once they skip breakfast, learn to control their hunger, and get on a personalized workout program, my clients start losing inches around the waist, and pounds on the scale!