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Hello! My name is Alex Folacci and I received the New York Award 2019 🗽 📜 in the category Personal Training (See pic)

If you have high standards in life, you can't to hire a random trainer. You need the BEST OF THE BEST!

I can't explain how much I enjoy coaching people and seeing their body and health improve during each workout. I'm very proud of the effort and progress all my clients are making.

Who can I help? I specialized in a niche:

-Very busy and successful Gentlemen over 35, looking to lose 30-50 lbs of fat, change their diet, put on natural muscles and improve their health, mobility and stamina.

I combine bodybuilding with powerlifting, adding a bit of running, stretching, conditioning and core workouts. My focus is to: - Increase your muscle density - Recruit new muscle fibers - Reduce your body fat as close as possible to 10%.

🥇 World Class Athlete and international champion in the Decathlon

Google: Alexandre Folacci 🥇 Bachelor and Masters degree in Exercise Science (6 years of academic education) 🥇 Coached over 250 gentlemen 1-on-1, with my Training Method 🥇 Coached online more than 50 people around the world

📸 IG: alex_folacci

I am in high demand and can't take everybody, only committed people will join my training ☎️ (347) 720-5740


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