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10 free gym workouts

1 - Stretching and full body

2 - Powerlifting: Bench and Squat


3 - Sprint and legs


4 - Crossfit and abs


5 - Full body


6 - Deadlift variations and plyometry


7 - Abs and cardio


8 - bodybuilding: Upper body


9 - Abs and DropSet


10 - Cardio challenge:

Maximum calories in 1h

Building a community

I hope you enjoyed these free workouts!

Give me any feedback, and don't hesitate to ask me questions and advice regarding your technique and sets/reps/weight.

You can also share this page with your friends, which would help grow the community!

I coach highly successful men in Manhattan over 35. My clients have very very high standards and trust me with their health and fitness. My goal is to never disappoint them and to always make them improve while having fun.

I am also a 2 time National Champion of France in the Decathlon (track & Field), and an international medalist.

I received the New York Award for Personal Training in 2019 & 2020, and was elected "the Best Personal Trainer for Men in New York by many independent sources.

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