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Why did I specialize in coaching highly successful men over 35?

1) Reliability, and no BS!

I understand that your time is money. I never cancel, I always show up on time, and try to accommodate you as best I can if you need to move your spot in my schedule.

Since 2015, I only missed 1 coaching session.

2) Very high standards

My clients want the highest level of expertise from any service providers that they hire. That is why I am very proud to offer a high-end luxury service of coaching for clients with very high standards.

My goal is to never disappoint you!

3) VIP service and privacy (NDA)

I understand perfectly the privacy concern for VIP clients, and I do not disclose anything discussed during our sessions.

I am used to signing NDAs!

4) Bad lifestyle habits

My clients typically spend the whole day sitting in front of their computers, or they travel quite often. I have many solutions to overturn the bad effects of these lifestyle habits: postural work, adapted diet, stress level under control, lifestyle recalibration.

5) Slow metabolism and low testosterone

After 35 years, your metabolism starts slowing down, and your testosterone level drops.

I have the knowledge and the tools to boost your body and overall health.

I have studied extensively longevity, how to age slower, and add healthy years to your life expectancy.

6) Great conversation and entertainment

The last reason I specialized in coaching highly successful men is that I love talking about business and learning from my clients. We always have great conversations and entertaining moments during our workouts.

I also like to connect my clients with one another if I know it can benefit their professional network.

If you are a Businessman, CEO, Entrepreneur, Financier, Celebrity, Investor, Lawyer, Doctor, High Executive, I guarantee you that I am the Personal Trainer that you need!

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