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Here you can find Certified Personal Trainers from Alex Folacci's team.

You will have an initial consultation with Alex Folacci to review your goals, body type, injuries, experience with fitness, health problems, diet, and lifestyle.

Based on your answers, Alex Folacci will design a program and make your private Recalibration Board, that you will have to apply in your everyday life in order to reach your full health, fitness, and longevity potential.

A list of natural supplements based on your conditions may be recommended by Alex.

You will also receive informations regarding longevity, to slow down aging and add 15-30 years to your life expectancy.

A certified personal trainer from the team will meet you on a regular basis to administrate the workout.

You will Check in with Alex Folacci once a month to review your progress, give feedback and be held accountable.

Your trainer, yourself and I will share your notes regarding your progress and your performances in the gym.

For people with a smaller budget, or don't live in NYC, but would still like to benefit from Alex Folacci's special expertise and workout programs administered by one of his trainers.

Elite certified Personal Trainers

These Certified Personal Trainers in New York have been specifically selected by Alex Folacci to be part of the team.

Their knowledge, personality and work ethic are the reasons

why Alex has 100% trust in pairing you with one of them.

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