Passionate About Helping my clients!

Since arriving in NYC in September 2014, I started to coach clients. I am truly passionate about helping others develop their body, improve their health, change their lifestyle, and enjoy the hard earned results of their training with me.

During the last 4 years, I've coached over 270 people and I am proud to say that I only received 5 stars reviews from my clients!

I'm also the running coach of Kari Pearce, Crossfit Champion and fittest woman in America in 2018. See YouTube documentary.

Alex as an athlete:

I've been doing sports since I was 5 years old, and before that, I was always climbing trees, or running and jumping all over the place.

I quickly became obsessed with Track & Field because I loved beating records and performances and developing a lot of different skills. I became a high level athlete at the age of 16, selected in the National Team of France at 19, and was National Champion at 20!

alex folacci

📜 Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science (Poitiers, France)

📜 Master's degree in Exercise Science (Manhattan, NY)


-🥇National Champion in the Decathlon in 2011 & 2013 (see video below)

-🥈Vice National Champion in the Long Jump in 2010 & in the Decathlon in 2012

-🥉3rd place in National Championship in the Decathlon 2008 & 2009, and in the Javelin Throw 2013.

-9th at the EUROPEAN Championship in Tampere Finland in 2013. Link here

-🇫🇷Selected 6 times in the National Team of France (2009-2013).

at 5"10 - 178 lbs
(1.75m - 80kg)


100m: 10"94

110m hurdles: 14"48

200m: 22"39

400m: 49"78

1000m: 2.45min

1500m: 4.35"5min

Mile: 4.55min


High Jump:

2.00m / 6"7

Long Jump:

7.11m / 23"4

Pole Vault:

5.01m / 16"5

Decathlon: 7729pts



61.61m / 202"1

Shot Put:

13.60m / 44"7


43.31m / 142"1


Bench Press:

1x300 lbs / 136 kg

16x225 lbs / 102kg


1x350lbs / 159kg

10x275lbs / 125kg


1x415lbs / 189kg

10x330lbs / 150kg 

Olympic Weightlifting:

Power Snatch:

220lbs / 100kg

Clean & Jerk:

284lbs / 129kg