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Passionate About Helping my clients!

I come from France and arrived in NYC in September 2014.

I was a World Class athlete, National Champion of France in 2011 & 2013, I won some international medals, and finished 9th at the European Championship.

I originally came to America to train for the 2016 Rio Olympics and to do my Master's degree, but I fractured my spine in 2015, lost my scholarship, and had to retire from my sport...

Instead of going back to France, I decided to start coaching clients using my expertise to change their health and fitness.

I own a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Exercise Science, and I continually keep learning about health and fitness, because I believe that every expert needs to keep learning about his industry.

Since 2015, I've coached over 400 people and I am proud to say that I only received 5 stars reviews from my clients!

Alex Folacci portrait more about me


📜 Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science (Poitiers, France).

📜 Master's degree in Exercise Science (Manhattan, NY).

My mum Brigitte came from France for my graduation in 2016 and was very proud!

Most trainers have a 3-6 months online certification.

I did 6 years at the University learning about Physiology, Anatomy, Biomechanics, Psychology, Fitness Program design, and had to practice every sports.


-🥇 National Champion in the Decathlon in 2011 & 2013 (see video below)

-🥈 Vice National Champion in the Long Jump in 2010 & in the Decathlon in 2012

-🥉 3rd place in National Championship in the Decathlon 2008 & 2009, and in the Javelin Throw 2013.

-9th at the EUROPEAN Championship in Tampere Finland in 2013.

-🇫🇷 Selected 6 times in the National Team of France (2009-2013).


100m: 10,94

110m hurdles: 14,48

200m: 22,39

400m: 49,78

1000m: 2"45min

1500m: 4"35,5min

Mile: 4"55min


High Jump:

2,00m / 6"7

Long Jump:

7,11m / 23"4

Pole Vault:

5,01m / 16"5

Decathlon: 7729pts



61,61m / 202"1

Shot Put:

13,60m / 44"7


43,31m / 142"1


Bench Press:

1x355 lbs / 161 kg

24x225 lbs / 102 kg

35x185 lbs / 84 kg my BW


1x365 lbs / 166 kg

10x285 lbs / 130 kg


1x440 lbs / 200 kg

10x375 lbs / 170 kg 

Olympic Weightlifting:

Power Snatch:

220 lbs / 100 kg

Clean & Jerk:

284 lbs / 129 kg

One Arm Snatch:

145 lbs / 66 kg

Personal Training rankings and publications

Multiple sources regularly puts me as the number 1 Personal Trainer for men in NYC.

The rankings are based on the reputation of the trainer (5 stars reviews), level of education, athletic achievement, results of the clients (which is the most important), turn over of the business.

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