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The only thing that matters is your results!

-50 lbs of fat
+15 lbs of muscle

We trained consistently 3-4 times a week.

He went from 10"11 Mile to 7"08 and could Deadlift 345 lbs, Bench 200 lbs, Squat 245 lbs.

His self-confidence and level of energy increased enormously!

He also completely cut off alcohol and turned his diet and lifestyle in the right direction.


200 --> 157

Tom never worked out of his life and was so out of shape that during our first session he passed out over a stretching exercise...

We cut off breakfast (intermittent fasting) and junk food, which reduce the bloating of his belly very quickly.

He started running, lifting, stretching, working on his core, and he achieved not only amazing performances in the gym but also improved his self-confidence and his energy.

He couldn't do a pull-up before, now he does 9! He can deadlift 4x245 lbs, bench presses 2x175 lbs.

He is very motivated to keep his workout habit and new lifestyle for the rest of his life.

My brother Justin

+10 lbs of muscle

From little boy to real man!

My brother came to NYC from Paris, and stayed 4 months with me. I coached him and trained with him almost every day on weightlifting, sprint, abs, calisthenics, Crossfit, mixed martial arts (he broke my rib...). He also started to coach clients under my mentorship.

He looks after some of my clients when they travel for work, and coaches them on zoom.


-61 lbs
in 18 months

Ronald 63, was diabetic, had terrible diet and lifestyle habits that needed to be addressed. On top of that, he was walking with a cane because of many injuries.

Our training sessions were a mix of rehab exercises, safe cardio, mobility work, and some light weightlifting for 30 to 50 reps per set.

After losing over 60 lbs in 1.5 years, his doctor told him his blood sugar level and diabetes were under control.

He also doesn't need a stick anymore to walk around!


-42 lbs of fat
+12 lbs of muscles

Giovanni was very stressed and under pressure at his job. I needed to make him lose weight, build lean and toned muscle mass, and improve his energy level to increase his productivity.

We achieved all of these goals! 

He went from a 10min Mile to 6"55, was able to lift 50% heavier on every lift, and could last 2 times longer on every abs exercise.

He also did intermittent fasting and wasn't eating between 8 pm and 12:30 pm the next day, which helped a lot reduce inflammation in his belly.


Dr. Wong
Complete beginner

Dr Wong was 55 and never exercised of his life.

We worked very hard, 3 times a week, and built slowly and safely his physique.

Every month he was able to improve his "Personal Best" on every weightlifting exercise while running faster on the mile, and improving his flexibility and posture.

I put him on a high protein and high quantity diet. He tripled down on the chicken and eggs and added a protein shake after each session.

He used to dislike any physical activities, now he always looks forward to our workout sessions!

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