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The only thing that matters is your results!


Best shape of his life at 50!
Very busy businessman

In just 3 months he went from weak, fragile and in pain, benching only 135 lbs, to getting ripped, 6 pack, and extremely strong, benching 200 lbs for 1 rep, and 20 reps at 135 which was his one rep max when we started the program.

He is very coachable and always excited to meet for our sessions, because he knows we will have a good time while working on his health and fitness.

He is the proof than even at 50, when youre a busy business man, you can achieve the best shape of your life in a relativeley short period of time.


The Gold Standard
53 years old

Jonathan was already in fairly good shape before starting with me but was crippled with injuries and wanted to get to the next level.

His Bench press PR was 225 lbs from 16 years ago when he was training with an other trainer. On our first session he did 185, and after 6 months reached 240 lbs! 

He also wasn't able to run anymore because of his knees. His PB on the mile was 7min from playing soccer as a teenager. I got him to run a very impressive 6min27

Balancing Strength and Cardio Personal Best at 53 years old got him in the best health and physical shape of his life ever!


Lighter than 1990's

Mark hasn't been under 200 lbs since the 1990's, even though he's had many trainers over the years.

Even though he is the CEO of a big company, he finds 1h a day to meet me at the gym or 30min for online sessions when he is out of New York. He said that he used to feel guilty for taking 1h break to workout, but now realizes that it gives him a much needed break, and can be more productive when he gets back to his desk.

Now at 54 he is healthier than when he was in his 20's and balances professional life, personal life and fitness incredibly well.


He said: "it's a life changing coaching experience"

Ben had a trainer for many years before hiring me, yet he was crippled in pain and overweight.

When we started in October 2022, he couldn't pick an object from the floor due to terrible back pain. Now he can deadlift 315 lbs on the bar and 340 lbs on the cage, squat 220 lbs and bench press 215 lbs! These are serious performances for one of the best lawyers in Manhattan. His muscle density and quality improved dramatically, while rehabilitating all of his injuries and dysfunctions.


5 months: complete transformation

Chuck let himself become 248 lbs due to working 80-90h a week under a lot of stress.

In addition to a great workout program including a lot of running, powerlifting, abs and stretching, we transformed his diet and lifestyle.

He clearly needed someone like me to kick his ass and hold him accountable with a serious plan.


Lightest in 20 years

Adam lost 22 lbs in 3 months and hasn't been 181 for the last 20 years.

He has been training with me and one of my trainers in order to accommodate his budget. Not only did he lose a lot of fat, but his muscle mass increased a lot, which is much harder in your 60's because of sarcopenia.

I have been focused on challenging him in a safe way, and to rehab his shoulders and back injuries.

A complete diet and lifestyle change has been put in place, and a good support and accountability system prevented him from making mistakes.


200 to 157 in 5 months

Tom never worked out of his life and was so out of shape that during our first session he passed out over a stretching exercise...

We cut off breakfast (intermittent fasting) and junk food, which reduce the bloating of his belly very quickly.

He started running, lifting, stretching, working on his core, and he achieved not only amazing performances in the gym but also improved his self-confidence and his energy.

He couldn't do a pull-up before, now he does 9! He can deadlift 4x245 lbs, bench presses 2x175 lbs.

He is very motivated to keep his workout habit and new lifestyle for the rest of his life.


 Natural muscles

William contacted me to train like a high level athlete and get him to the next fitness level.

Because of his busy schedule of investment banking we were only able to train on the weekends, but still achieved amazing performances improvements in the gym on every lifts and cardio exercises. He also became quite a good fighter in wrestling and grappling.


-50 lbs of fat
+15 lbs of muscle

We trained consistently 3-4 times a week during the pandemic.

He went from 10"11 Mile to 7"08 and could Deadlift 345 lbs, Bench 200 lbs, Squat 245 lbs.

His self-confidence and level of energy increased enormously!

He also completely cut off alcohol and turned his diet and lifestyle in the right direction.


My brother Justin

+10 lbs of muscle

From little boy to real man!

My brother came to NYC from Paris, and stayed 4 months with me.

I coached him and trained with him almost every day on weightlifting, sprint, abs, calisthenics, Crossfit, mixed martial arts.

He also started to coach clients under my mentorship.

He looks after some of my clients when they travel for work, and coaches them on zoom.


-61 lbs
in 18 months

Ronald 63, was diabetic, had terrible diet and lifestyle habits that needed to be addressed. On top of that, he was walking with a cane because of many injuries, and 2 missing toes.

Our training sessions were a mix of rehab exercises, safe cardio, mobility work, and some light weightlifting for 30 to 50 reps per set.

After losing over 60 lbs in 1.5 years, his doctor told him his blood sugar level and diabetes were under control.

He also doesn't need a stick anymore to walk around!


-42 lbs of fat
+12 lbs of muscles

Giovanni was very stressed and under pressure at his job. I needed to make him lose weight, build lean and toned muscle mass, and improve his energy level to increase his productivity.

We achieved all of these goals! 

He went from a 10min Mile to 6"55, was able to lift 50% heavier on every lift, and could last 2 times longer on every abs exercise.

He also did intermittent fasting and wasn't eating between 8 pm and 12:30 pm the next day, which helped a lot reduce inflammation in his belly.

Dr. Wong
Complete beginner

Dr Wong was 55 and never exercised of his life.

We worked very hard, 3 times a week, and built slowly and safely his physique.

Every month he was able to improve his "Personal Best" on every weightlifting exercise while running faster on the mile, and improving his flexibility and posture.

I put him on a high protein and high quantity diet. He tripled down on the chicken and eggs and added a protein shake after each session.

He used to dislike any physical activities, now he always looks forward to our workout sessions!

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