Alex Folacci New York Award and National Champion

Specialized in coaching highly succesful men over 35 in NYC

I often get asked what are the 3 things that make me better than other Trainers in NYC

Alex Folacci 2 times National Champion and 2 time best trainer in NYC

1 - World Class Athlete

I have been an athlete since I was 5, and became multiple times National Champion of France in the Decathlon, while being my own coach.

I also won medals during international competitions, and came to America to train for the Olympics.

Alex Folacci coaches clients in 9 different specialties in New York City

2 - Expert in 9

 different coaching methods

When most trainers are only specialized in one coaching method, I became an expert in 9 of them:

-Powerlifting (Strenght Training)




-Martial Arts (MMA)

-Crossfit & HIIT


-Calisthenics (Bodyweight)


Alex Folacci longevity live up to 120 years old

3- I offer Longevity

My vision is for you to live up to 120 years old, and to feel 40 when you're 60, to run around at 95 instead of walking with a cane at 70.

Click here to see how I can offer you longevity.


I am Alex Folacci,

A world-class athlete, 2-time National Champion of France in Track & Field, international medalist, and certified personal trainer in NYC.

I attained the pinnacle of my athletic career by developing a unique approach and understanding of the human body's Biomechanics and Physiology.

I use my expertise to coach my clients like high-level athletes.

I also received the NEW YORK AWARD 2019 & 2020 in the Personal Training category, and I have been recognized by many independent sources and websites as the best personal trainer in NYC for men.

I specialize in coaching highly successful gentlemen over 35 in Manhattan, looking to lose 30-50 lbs of fat, build 10-20 lbs of natural muscles, boost productivity, fix their diet, improve posture and strength, and live a longer & healthier life. 

As of 2022, I have coached and changed the lives of over 350 people as a certified personal trainer in Manhattan, New York!

Alex Folacci winning the national championship twice

Specialized in coaching highly succesful men over 35 in NYC

Alex Folacci coaches businessmen, CEOs, Investors, high executives, lawyers, entrepreneurs, celebrities, doctors

Here's why I specialized in that particular niche

1- My clients need reliability and professionalism.

I understand that your time is money. I never cancel, I always show up on time, and try to accommodate you as best I can if you need to move your spot in my schedule.

Since 2015, I only missed 1 coaching session, because I was being held by the cops for jumping the turnstile of the subway...

2- My clients want the highest level of expertise from any service providers that they hire in their life. That is why I am very proud to offer a high-end luxury service of coaching for clients with very high standards. My goal is to never disappoint you.

3- I understand perfectly the privacy concern for VIP clients, and I do not disclose anything discussed during our sessions. I know how to keep a secret and I don't gossip!

4- My clients typically spend the whole day sitting in front of their computers, or they travel quite often. I have many solutions to overturn the bad effects of these lifestyle habits: postural work, adapted diet, stress level under control.

5- After 35 years, your metabolism starts slowing down, and your testosterone level drops. I have the knowledge and the tools to boost your body and overall health.

I will make you age like fine french wine!

6- The last reason I specialized in coaching highly successful men is that I love talking about business and learning from my clients. We always have great conversation and entertaining moments during our workouts.

I also like to connect my clients with one another if I know it can benefit their professional network.

If you are a Businessman, CEO, Entrepreneur, Financier, Celebrity, Investor, Lawyer, Doctor, High Executive, I guarantee you that I am the Personal Trainer that you need!