I received the NEW YORK AWARD 2019 in the category Personal Training (see pic above). I have been defined by many sources as the Best Personal Trainer in NYC.

Highly professional and knowledgeable in every aspect related to improving your health and fitness.

Specialized in coaching gentlemen between 35-55, looking to lose 30-50lbs of fat, build 10-15 lbs of natural muscles, boost metabolism, fix the diet, improve posture and strength, live a longer life, or also the "hard gainers" who can't seem to ever put on muscle.


I am French and arrived in NYC in September 2014.​

I am here to offer you my unmatched expertise and passion for changing people's lives!

I  own a bachelors and masters degree in Exercise Science and trained under the best coaches in my country since I was 14 years old.

In addition to that, I am a world class athlete, National Champion of France in 2011 & 2013, and finished 9th at the European Championship.

My track record of successfully coaching and transforming the life of more than 250 clients helped me build a strong reputation as a very upscale Private Trainer.

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My territory is Manhattan (NYC) between 90th St​ (West & East side) and Wall St.

Tel: (347) 720-5740

Instagram: alex_folacci​


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