Alex Folacci New York Award and National Champion

Specialized in coaching highly successful men over 35

I count amongst my clients A-list Actors, Celebrities, VIPs, Billionaires, Royal Family Members, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, High-Executives, Doctors, Lawyers, Financiers, Investors and the list goes on...

These clients have very high standards, and my goal is to never disappoint them, hence my 5 stars reviews reputation on every platforms. 

I am used to signing NDAs to protect the privacy of my clients.

I often get asked what are the 3 things that make me better than other Trainers in NYC

1 - World Class Athlete

2 time National Champion of France in the Decathlon (track & Field)

2 time New York Award recipient

I have been an athlete since I was 5, and became multiple times National Champion of France in the Decathlon, while being my own coach.

I also won medals during international competitions, and came to America to train for the Olympics.

2 - Expert in

Coaching Methods

When most trainers are only specialized in one coaching method, I became an expert in 9 of them:

-Powerlifting (Strength Training)




-Martial Arts (MMA)

-Crossfit & HIIT


-Calisthenics (Bodyweight)


3 - Longevity:

Increase Life Expectancy

My vision is for you to live up to 120 years old, to feel 40 when you're 60, to run around at 95 instead of walking with a cane at 70.

The longevity consulting is part of my coaching and I will teach you about sarcopenia, andropause, fasting, cryotherapy, oxygen chambers, stem cells, antioxidants, 180bpm once a week, joints protection, stopping addictions, cancer screening, control blood sugar, keeping your brain sharp, ...


I am Alex Folacci,

A world-class athlete, 2-time National Champion of France in Track & Field, international medalist, and Certified Personal Trainer in NYC.

I attained the pinnacle of my athletic career by developing a unique approach and understanding of the human body's Biomechanics and Physiology. For as long as I can remember I have always been obsessed about learning as many techniques and fitness methods as possible in order to win gold medals and break records.

I am an eternal student and study everyday new training methods and longevity research. 

I also received 2 times the NEW YORK AWARD in the Personal Training category, and I have been recognized by many independent sources and websites as the "Best Personal Trainer for Men in NYC".

I specialize in coaching highly successful gentlemen over 35 in Manhattan, looking to lose 30-50 lbs of fat, build 10-20 lbs of natural muscles, boost productivity, fix their diet, improve posture and strength, and live a longer & healthier life. 

As of 2022, I have coached and changed the lives of over 380 people as a Certified Personal Trainer in Manhattan, New York!

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No other athletes in the USA are able to perform what I display in this video

Here's why I specialized in coaching
highly successful men over 35:


Reliability, and no BS!

I understand that your time is money. I never cancel, I always show up on time, and try to accommodate you as best I can if you need to move your spot in my schedule.

Since 2015, I only missed 1 coaching session.


Very high standards

My clients want the highest level of expertise from any service providers that they hire in their life. That is why I am very proud to offer a high-end luxury service of coaching for clients with very high standards. My goal is to never disappoint you.


VIP service and privacy

I understand perfectly the privacy concern for VIP clients, and I do not disclose anything discussed during our sessions. I know how to keep a secret and I don't gossip!


Bad lifestyle habits

My clients typically spend the whole day sitting in front of their computers, or they travel quite often. I have many solutions to overturn the bad effects of these lifestyle habits: postural work, adapted diet, stress level under control.


Slow metabolism and low testosterone

After 35 years, your metabolism starts slowing down, and your testosterone level drops. I have the knowledge and the tools to boost your body and overall health.

I have studied extensively longevity, how to age slower, and add years to your life expectancy.


Great conversation and entertainment

The last reason I specialized in coaching highly successful men is that I love talking about business and learning from my clients. We always have great conversations and entertaining moments during our workouts.

I also like to connect my clients with one another if I know it can benefit their professional network.

If you are a Businessman, CEO, Entrepreneur, Financier, Celebrity, Investor, Lawyer, Doctor, High Executive, I guarantee you that I am the Personal Trainer that you need!