When you have high standards in life, you want the best of the best to take care of your fitness...

Being a World Class Athlete for many years and coaching over 320 men in Manhattan helped me establish a very strong reputation within the fitness industry in the USA.

I can't explain how much I enjoy coaching people and I'm very proud of the effort and progress all my clients are making.


Who can I help?

2 kind of individuals!


-Clients looking to lose 30-50 lbs of fat, change their diet, put on natural muscles and improve their mobility and stamina.


-The hard gainers, who have always been skinny their whole life and can't seem to put on muscle mass easily. Need to learn how to eat for mass gain, and do high quantity repetition in their weightlifting program.

I always focus on improving your ratio muscle density Vs. fat percentage.

What is my training method?

When most trainers are only specialized in one method, I always combine the best of many different methods to serve my clients!




-Mixed Martial Arts


-Core exercises





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GENTLEMAN's Transformation

$240/h or $2,000/10 sessions

I will be more than happy to coach you through your transformation!

First, we need to schedule a 15min phone call to talk about your goals, your diet, and your lifestyle. I will also answer every questions you might have.

Then, I will coach you 2 or 3 times per week and change your diet. If your budget is a bit limited, we can do a mix of coaching in person and online coaching.

Payment in Cash, Check, or Venmo.

I coach clients 7 days a week from 9am to 11pm.

PS: I am certified and insured.

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