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When you have high standards, you need excellence!

As a World Class Athlete and Award winning Personal Trainer in NYC, I have developed an unparalleled reputation in the fitness industry.

I can't explain how much I enjoy coaching people and I'm very proud of every client of mine.


Are you interested in:

 - Looking to lose 30-50 lbs of fat

 - Put on natural muscles

 - Change your diet

 - Improve your mobility and posture

 - Rehab some old injuries

 - Have fun and learn new skills

 - Improve your cardiovascular system

 - Live 15-30 years more than your current life expectancy!

What is my training method?

Unlike most trainers who are only specialized in one method, I blend many training techniques that I have been obsessively learning from an early age.

1 - Powerlifting (Strength Training)

2 - Running/Sprint

3 - Bodybuilding

4 - Mixed Martial Arts

5 - Crossfit & HIIT

6 - Core exercises

7 - Flexibility/mobility

8 - Calisthenics

9 - Plyometrics

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personal training price per hour and 10 sessions package

Expense it with your company for tax benefits, I have a W9.

What you get:

-Body transformation

-Lifestyle recalibration

-Optimized diet and supplements

-Increased life expectancy

Message me, and tell me about your goals, body type, and location. I will give you a call, go over the logistics, and will answer all of your questions.

I will coach you 2 to 7 times per week, at your gym or at a facility I will recommend.

PS: I coach 7 days a week, I am certified, insured, and vaccinated.

Alex Folacci VIP package personal training
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