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Boost your metabolism, lose weight, build natural muscles!

After 30 years old, your metabolism start slowing down and it will become harder to lose weight and build lean and natural muscles.

I know exactly what you need to do in your workout program and what you need to get in your fridge to boost your metabolism!

1 - Breakfast

2 - Lunch & Dinner


3 - Snacks


4 - Drinks


5 - Before the workout


6 - Natural Supplements


7 - Stay away from...


8 - Special diets to experiment


1 - Breakfast


-Banana, lemon, apple

-Yogurt (Greek yogurts, probiotics)

-Almond milk (better than cow milk because theres no antibiotics)

-Natural Peanut or Almond Butter



-Protein shake with greens


-Dry fruits and nuts (to help focus - good for the brain)

-SUPER COFFEE (Suniva) Caffeine & Protein drink


2 - Lunch & Dinner


-Sweet potatoes


-Chicken (white meat is better than red meat for your health)

-Brown rice


-Fish (tuna/salmon)


-Noodles (to have energy to train)

-Eggs (white eggs more specifically)

-Cranberry juice (to help kidney and bladder)


-Salad lettuce, olive oil

-Lemon, banana, apple

-Beans and lentils

-Cook your meat in olive oil, butter, or coconut oil

-Steamed vegetables to preserve their nutrients


Try not to eat meat at night because it takes a long time to digest and might prevent you from falling asleep.


For example, it takes up to 5h to digest pork.


3 - Snacks

-Dry fruits and nuts

-Protein bar




4 - Drink

-Water Water Water!!! It is the number 1 and best liquid to put in your body.

-Coffee with limited sugar.

-Green tea (contains antioxidant)

-Alcohol limit at 2-3 drinks a week, not more! Alcohol is often the reason why some of my clients don’t lean out as fast as they should. Beer is the worst because it contains estrogens. 

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5 - Before the Workout

-Half a banana

-Pre workout

-Cereal bar

Nothing that would make your stomach full because you don’t want to enter digestion during your workout or you won’t be able to achieve anything.


6 - Natural Supplements

Look for the USDA logo 


-Electrolytes powder or capsules (to have energy during the workout)

-Gatorade & Powerade, perfect to recover the energy during your workout. Don’t have too much of it because of the sugar.

-Whey protein

-Fish oil for your joints


-Vitamin C & D

-Omega 3


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7 - Stay away from:



-Diet sodas



-Processed food

-Food that doesn't perish

-Sauce in your meal




-Fried food

-Ice cream

-Unhealthy snacks


8 - Special Diets to Experiment

Diets to try for at least 1 week to identify which one is made for your body type, metabolism, and goals.


-Intermittent fasting, 1 or 2 times a week, don’t eat from 10pm to 5-6pm the next day. Only drink water and coffee.

-Ketogenic diet.

-No carbs diet (no bread, noodles, rice, potatoes).

-Gluten free diet. (No Wheat, no Gluten)

-High protein and high quantity (For skinny guys 120-140 lbs).

-Paleo Diet, eating like a caveman.

-Non dairy diet.


-Small meals diet to reduce the size of your guts (For guys with pregnant belly).

Example: If you eat 3 times a day, try to eat 5 times, but only 2/3 of what you usually eat for each meal. Doing so, you won’t ever expand your guts and your stomach and intestine will start shrinking.

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