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For Who?

The online GENTLEMAN's Training program is made for men over 35, looking to lose 30-40 lbs of fat and put on 20 lbs of natural muscles. I can also help the skinny "hard gainers" at 120-135lbs put on 15-20 lbs of muscles.

Most of my clients are sitting at a desk the whole day, don't know what to eat, don't know what kind of training program to do.

This is where I am of a great help!

When you join my 16 week GENTLEMAN's Training program I will:

-Send your private and personalized workouts

-Fix your Diet and supplementation

-Give you a grocery list

-Fix your lifestyle and bad habits

-Fix your posture and improve your mobility

-Check on your progress and hold you accountable

16 weeks program of 4 workouts per week or

32 weeks program of 2 workouts per week

PRICES: Much cheaper than in person training.

Depends of a few factors, text me at (347) 720-5740 to ask more about the program.

Here are a few samples of the workouts:


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