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The Gentleman's Training Program

The GENTLEMAN's Training Program, is my  online training service. 

It is custom-designed for high achievers looking to be part of the Top 1% fittest of their age group.

In NYC, I am completely in charge of the health & fitness of highly successful gentlemen with high standards. They trust me 100% and love the process!

They don’t have to waste brainpower on making their own workout plans, and they like to be held accountable by an expert.

Here's what you'll get in the GENTLEMAN's Top 1%:

1 - Super-premium, white-glove, concierge-level service. 
2 - Initial, in-person assessment if in Manhattan or via Zoom.
3 - Your private and personalized online workouts at your gym, home, or hotel if you are traveling.

4 - Nutrition program and diet accountability tracking.

5 - Precise body measurements (caliper, tape, scale).

6 - Lifestyle recalibration.

7 - List of natural supplements to buy.

8 - Weekly check-ins for feedback and accountability.

9 - Video analysis of your form.

10 - List of fitness equipment to buy.


- Longevity consulting:

Optimize your health and lifestyle to age 25% slower, live well beyond 100 years, and be fitter and healthier than 99% of the population in your later years. (Super valuable!!)


100% Guarantee of success if you do everything I will advise you to do.

PRICE: One-third the cost of seeing me in person, with the same results

Text me at  (347) 720-5740  to ask more about the program.

Here are a few samples of the workouts:

If you are curious to see if this is for you,
take the quiz below.


online training program for men
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